New Build

As your General Contractor, Elite Design Builders, Inc. will:

  • assist you with matching an Architect and/or Interior Designer with your project
  • collaborate with your interior designer or other consultants
  • obtain any necessary permits
  • give direction to make finish materials selections easier
  • estimate construction costs and allowances
  • collect and review subcontractor bids
  • match subcontractors with your project
  • verify subcontractor licenses and insurance
  • hire and manage subcontractors
  • order construction materials
  • schedule the construction work
  • oversee construction activities
  • coordinate heavy equipment services
  • review the progress and performance of work
  • collect, review and process invoices for labor and/or materials for payment bi-weekly
  • be conscientious of construction in accordance with the Plans and Specifications
  • advise and confirm governing agencies codes
  • schedule inspections accordingly
  • be available to answer your questions

Architectural Planning

We work with your architectural and design team during the planning process.  We can also recommend architects that we feel would be a good fit for your project.  We will be by your side and guide you from inspiration, through schematic design and into construction drawings.  Our level of involvement and hands-on approach will allow you to realize your vision while creating an engineered construction plan.

Cost Estimates and Allowances

Preliminary design estimates based on your original construction plans may guide your design and selection decisions moving forward.  We can pull from our collection of work to offer pricing information based on like products, and bid out the main trades to various subcontractors using the construction documents provided by your architect.  Our preferred subcontractors offer comparable prices that are aligned with the fair market value.  Employing the services provided by local subcontractors aids in keeping costs reasonable relative to sourcing subcontractors that must travel further or those that may be unfamiliar with our local City ordinances, codes,  etc. that may inadvertently overlook costs.  We prepare cost estimates and allowances for your review and update accordingly should you decide to make changes in design or scope of work along the way.  We offer transparency so you can see how we arrive the numbers, what you are paying for and why.

Specifications and Selections

Selecting products and finishes or making design decisions does not have to be overwhelming.  We will lead you through the selection process in an organized manner.  We encourage you to solicit the service of a reputable interior designer certified to do the leg work for you.  Because there can be several decisions to make that may effect one another, an interior designer will put the decorative options and sources together to help you visualize the outcome, and provide us with technical design data we need to create the intended design.  We believe delegating your design tasks to an interior designer is a service well worth budgeting for.